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saving millions.Literally.


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Local entrepreneur
invents patented technology
that recycles and reuses
ice shavings saving
millions of liters of water
and melting huge
energy bills

Ice Hockey Player
Ice Hockey Team

As a former hockey coach and rink

facility operator for the City of Ottawa,

Ron has always had a love for ice,

skating and the game of hockey...

but it boggled his mind as to


the ice resurfacing machines could not melt the ice scrapings, heat, filter and reuse the 700 litres of water needed to resurface the ice pad



no more need for hot waterand hundreds of gallonsof fresh tap water the nexttime you flood your ice.

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"this patented technology
could literally save
rink operators Millions..."

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Save millions. Literally.

reserve now

Our first initial production run for 2024 is underway and we have limited the first allocation of reservations to the first 24 organizations who reserve in advance...

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Save over 700 litres of water with every rink flood

At GREINS Environmental Technologies we are committed to providing innovative solutions for ice rinks that prioritize sustainability and efficiency. GREINS retrofit systems are designed to reduce water consumption and operating expenses, while providing a superior ice surface for skaters and athletes.

Abstract Water

Litres of water saved using our retrofit system
based on 2 pad arena

16 floods

per pad per day

over 12 months

700 liters

per flood


estimated litres of water saved annually compared to traditional ice

resurfacing methods


estimated water savings per year

based on national utility average

cost per cubic meter of water.


Costs may vary by location and utility provider


Eliminate the need to pre-heat water

Traditional ice resurfacing methods waste close to 700 litres of heated fresh water per flood.  Such antiquated methods rely on large water tanks

to continuously maintain high temperatures on a daily basis, regardless of usage. With the GREINS retrofit system, the recycled water is heated within the machine.

Electric Cooktop

Energy Savings
with GREINS retrofit system

based on a 2 pad arena

16 floods

per pad per day

based on 12 months

700 liters

per flood

it takes approximately 40kW to heat 700 litres of water from cold tap temperature of 60 degrees to a temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit....


$0.15 cents

per kWh

....with GREINS, your machine does all the hot water heating internally.

estimated yearly hot water costs saved


Costs may vary by location and utility provider

2 Zambonis.jpg

Additional Considerations

Traditional resurfacing methods see temperatures decrease from the moment the water leaves the boiler. With the GREINS system, the water is always applied at the regulated temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit  providing a superior ice surface that is firm, smooth and clear.

Traditional methods may result in ice build up over time, resulting in increased costs to compensate for the additional thickness of the ice surface.  With the GREINS system, because the scrapings provide the water resources, it is assured that the ice thickness will be maintained at optimal levels which is key 

Ice Rink Tracks

A Better Alternative

The GREINS retrofit system eliminates:

- costly snow removal expenses

- seasonal temperature fluctuations   related to bay door openings

- potential safety risks during transport  into public spaces

- bio hazard contaminants residing in snow scrapings

- unnecessary wear on ice equipment

(condensers, brine pumps, etc.)


Trusted Partnerships for Sustainable Ice Resurfacing

At GREINS Environmental Technologies we partner with industry leaders to provide the best possible solutions for our clients. Our partners share our commitment to sustainability and environmental protection, and we work together to promote a greener future for ice facilities.

Business Meeting
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Ice Skates
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